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金融商品取引業者 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ 関東財務局長(金商)第271号
加入協会 日本証券業協会 一般社団法人金融先物取引業協会 一般社団法人日本投資顧問業協会


Simplex FX, which enables low latency and efficient FX position cover dealing, was chosen from Simplex's vast track record in developing and implementing FX solutions.

This led YJFX to implement a new OTC currency binary options service called "Opu tore!" with Simplex's cloud service.

Simplex's mantra of "clients first" has led to client feedback such as "you are awesome".Our goal is to have everyone around the world say that we are "awesome".

Endorsement from Microsoft Japan Microsoft Japan is very pleased that Simplex started providing back office SaaS cloud services for asset management operations.

We aim to build a non-exclusive partnership with global companies that focusing 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ on product development and advanced services to financial institutions.

Simplex's unique diversified calculation platform can manage the cross sectional risk of roughly 100 products in trading and banking operations at a faster rate and with more precision 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ than in the past.

A significant number of calculations can be processed by using Simplex's own distributed calculation platform on a relatively inexpensive 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ server infrastructure.

Simplex products 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ and services have been adopted by Japan's megabanks, leading full-service securities firms, and top Internet brokerages.

Ability to Deliver High Calculation Performance and Real Time Monitoring through Simplex's Unique Diversified Calculation Platform The market is becoming increasingly complex, so an effective 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ system must have the capacity 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ to perform enormous amounts of complex calculations and quickly capture all of the various risks.

Toshiki Tamura and Dai Shinohara, the two being from the financial IT major Simplex, were appointed to CEO and COO respectively.

However, Simplex's expert project team with knowledge and experience deployed a new development methodology unprescedented in traditional system development projects.

The company decided to develop the new tool based on 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ SPRINT, internet trading tool by Simplex, and started providing the new service as "Super Hatchu Kun" from 2012.

Lior Nabat, Tradency CEO expounds: Our cooperation provides the Japanese 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ brokers with the high-end level of support and service they are accustomed to from topnotch providers such as Simplex.

With Simplex prominent reputation in the Japanese market, the newly found cooperation with Tradency, had won the interest of many major top tier brokers.店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ

Simplex was given the task of designing and operating the OSE-FX exchange system and it achieved the high levels of reliability and functionality demanded 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ by the exchange system.

Since the system was launched in 2009, Simplex provides 24/7 system operation and support to 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ ensure stable operation, thus reducing the cost of system maintenance for Osaka Exchange.Overview of the OSE-FX exchange system.

Enabling execution of the intended dealing strategy through our unique, fast processing technology.Simplex FX utilizes low latency financial 店頭通貨バイナリーオプションオプトレ trading platform technology developed by Simplex to achieve high-speed processing.


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